Privacy Policy


This privacy policy covers what kinds of data is collected from users who use the service(s) provided by Game Report, the reasons for which the data is collected, and the steps we take to ensure that its processing is compliant with the UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018 since the website operates within the United Kingdom.


"Us", "We", "Our", "The service(s)", "The website", "Game Report" refers to the website providing Game Report's service(s), the entity operating the service(s) and the data controller.
"You", "Your", "The user" refers to the data subject; the individual from whom we are collecting data.
"The Policy" refers to this Privacy Policy and any privacy and data protection practices outlined therein. It applies to Game Report and any service(s) it provides.

Data we collect

IP Addresses are collected automatically for you to establish a connection between your device and us such that you can use our service(s), and are only retained while necessary to maintain this connection.

Data we collect from third parties

We use Google reCAPTCHA, software that distinguishes humans from computers accessing our service(s) to protect against spam related cyberattacks, which is the legal basis on which we use it. You can read Google LLC's Privacy Policy to understand what kinds of data they collect and for what reason at

Google LLC processes the data outlined in their Privacy Policy so that we can operate our service(s) in a secure manner. They perform such processing in the United States where they operate, so by using our service(s) you agree to have your data transferred to and processed in this country. Cookies used by reCAPTCHA are given and processed by Google LLC, so if you wish to exercise your data protection rights in regard to such cookies, you need to send your request to them.

As a data subject, you have the right to withdraw consent to cookies storing your data. Modern web browsers will have settings that allow you to disable cookies on all or particular websites. However, you will most likely not be able to access some of our services without them, so it is recommended to keep them turned on.

Children's privacy

In compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018, we do not knowingly collect personal data from children under the age of 13 years.

Data security practices

In any case that your personal data is involved with communication between your browser and our website, it will be securely encrypted. Any third party data controller that collects your personal data while you use the website on our behalf must also employ security measures to protect your privacy.

Your data protection rights

The GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 outlines a set of rights that you have in regard to your data that we collect. By law, you have the right to:

be informed about how your data is being used
access personal data
have incorrect data updated
have data erased
receive a copy of your data from us
withdraw consent to the collection and processing of your data

Should you want to exercise your rights in regard to your data, or have any other inquiry related to the collection and or processing of personal data, you can submit a request to the email address [email protected]. If you are requesting action being taken in regard to your data, we have an obligation to respond to you within 30 days of the request being sent. If we are unable to fulfill your request in this time period, it will be clarified to you in advance that more time is required.

Changes to this policy

Any changes made to this policy will be communicated to all users who will be prompted to review and accept the changes the next time they access the website.